A Lack Of Fiscal Responsibility

The problem with the elections we face this year is that of money. We as Americans have no one to choose from, in terms of reducing the national debt; we can only choose how we wish to increase it and by whom. Both John McCain and Barack Obama have plans, that if put into action, will dramatically increase the federal debt and inflate our currency faster. It is for that reason, regardless of the political spins and personal attacks, that our economy and financial well-being is in peril.

2 thoughts on “A Lack Of Fiscal Responsibility

  1. Are you really serious? Who do you want them to win then? McCain or Barack? But from what I see it is all just a farce once they win the election. I am not sure if their promise will be put into words with action but I believe everyone opinion might differ.

  2. Unfortunately, our election process isn’t the same as it used to be. During the infant stages of our country, Presidential candidates rose to glory before they were nominated, insomuch as there was absolutely no question in their ability to lead. McCain does not have leading experience, as he was not a leader in the military or anywhere else. Obama does not have leading experience either. Both do not believe in freedom in regards to economics. Both will institute unconstitutional wealth-sharing projects that undermine the American spirit of retaining what one has justly made. Furthermore the inflation caused by both candidates will in essence put an “invisible tax” (as Rep. Ron Paul puts it) on our middle class. It is neither fair nor will it help us back on track.

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