Al Gore, Hero or lunatic?

Al Gore, vice president from 1992 to 2000, has in the last eight years become an environmental prophet. Just today, he proclaimed that the US should stop burning fossil fuels within the next ten years and rely instead on the sun, wind, and other environmentally friendly sources of power. This radical shift from skilled politician to an eco-zealot can only be explained from two points of view: either you think he is a hero or a lunatic.

Why would he be considered a hero? Al Gore has a clean political record and is known to be very intelligent. He has also served in the Vietnam War after being drafted, instead of fleeing to Canada like many of his peers at Harvard University. He graduated cum laude from Harvard with a government major, after switching from English.  During his term as Vice President, Al Gore strongly supported the development of information technology and is strongly credited for the economic success during that period.

Now, Al Gore seems to have been researching, and has become a devout follower of the environment. He has done lectures on the topic, and it seems that even at the risk of seeming absurd he continues to preach green.

This goal is achievable, affordable and transformative. It represents a challenge to all Americans, in every walk of life — to our political leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, engineers, and to every citizen. -Al Gore

Cutting all fossil fuel use in ten years is a very ambitious plan, and although it is obvious McCain will disregard this speech, Obama has taken in Gore’s words

For decades, Al Gore has challenged the skeptics in Washington on climate change and awakened the conscience of a nation to the urgency of this threat, -Barack

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Al Gore is an “attention seeker”, and let’s not forget his use of a private jet plane to go around the world preaching his ‘gospel’. According to his electric service Al Gore’s home in Nashville consumes 12 to 20 times more than the average American household! However, these critics fail to realize that Al Gore actually buys SOLAR and WIND power, increasing his bill by $6,000 in order to minimize carbon pollution.

In my assessment, I judge Al Gore as a hero. Anyone willing to spend this much time and energy in saving the world from what he/she perceives to be a genuine threat to world safety is a hero in my eyes. Even though he may not have his facts 100% accurate, his cause does have merit. Only time will tell, but my gut instinct tells me I don’t need to worry too much.

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