Shrink Humans to Save Energy and our World

All the talk seems to be about energy these days. If we, as humans, can humble ourselves as much as to genetically reduce our size to 1/5 of our original size, we will be able to conserve the environment. Just imagine humans as tall as subway sandwiches, we have the technology to do it, and we have the technology and intellectual prowess to remain at the top of the food chain. Just imagine just how big the world would become? Humankind would consume less power, and the earth would have a chance to replenish it’s resources and endangered species. Humans no longer need brawn, we have the brains and we have courage and determination. Let’s do it folks! But you first…

A Star Wars Ewok

One thought on “Shrink Humans to Save Energy and our World

  1. haha this is really interesting~~ i was thinking who would agree to be shrunk when i saw the last sentence “Let’s do it folks! But you first…”

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