When ‘Ganbei’ Goes Too Far

On October 28th 2008 an officer drank himself to death while entertaining officials in China. Later on, after he had vomited, they found him dead – a result of what they thought to be suffocation. (Drinking death…)

Ganbei means to ’empty the cup’, and is translated into the English ‘cheers’ or ‘bottoms up’. In China, officials and company leaders often indulge or overindulge themselves at the public or their company’s expense on fine dining and lots and lots of alcohol. Ganbei in this sense goes too far in forcing people to drink to ‘fit in’ to their organization – and has dire consequences including the chance of death.

Sure, it’s good to have a good time once in awhile, but creating a culture of wastefulness and drunkenness should be avoided, especially if you’re using the public’s money.


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  1. I agree, even as a visitor you can see officials etc. eating/ drinking more than their fare share at the peoples’ expense… However this is just the primitive form of corruption, higher levels exist

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