How Freedom is Lost

How does one lose one’s freedom? First of all, lets consider this from an individual level: a man loses his freedom when he commits a crime, fails to defend himself, runs out of money, or joins an organization which requires the forfeit of certain freedoms. These are major reasons why people around the world do not have freedom. Prisoners do not have the freedom to go where the choose, eat what they want, or simply live how they want to live. The reason for this in most cases is that the prisoner has done a crime and is paying for it with time behind bars. A person living without a gun or weapon in a crime ridden street has no chance to defend himself and will have to forfeit either his life or his worldly goods in the case that someone who overpowers him enters the house. A person who runs out of money must live their life paying back loans and possibly even joining the first category of prisoner. A person who joins a secret organization such as an intelligence agency forfeits his right to go to the countries of his choosing, hanging out with certain types of people, and sharing certain types of information.

How do these things apply to a country? Exactly the same, except the consequences are not always direct and imminent. When a country habitually commits crimes against humanity, other countries will decide based on whether or not it is politically, strategically, or economically beneficial, to intervene against the rogue government. This has happened in recent history against Hitler’s Germany, Facist Italy, Imperial Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Kosovo, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The leadership of these countries except Vietnam and Korea ultimately had to give up power. Examples of countries which failed to defend themselves span the centuries and all share the common trait of no longer being sovereign. Corsica, the island in the Mediterranean Sea shaped similarly to the United States, is owned by France. Hawaii, a neutral nation ruled by Chieftains, was annexed into the United States in the late 1800’s. The Cherokee Nation, and all other American Indian tribes excluding the Inuit, were forced into reservations by the United States. Countries, unlike individuals, do not lose their national power when they run out of money. In fact, the people of those countries lose power and must cede it to their government as money is printed by the ton to make up for the lack of real value. As the government can spend as much as it wants with its fiat currency, the people must bear with making wages that drop in value in the double digits in the span of weeks! See Zimbabwe, which boasts yearly inflation in the millions(%)! There was a point at which Zimbabwe’s currency doubled every 1.3 days, and the bank has printing 100 trillion dollar notes (see photo) Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollar Note. Countries also lose their freedom when they join multinational organizations such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, etc. I will not go into the details today of how come countries cheat the WTO by putting trade protection on certain exports yet subsidize others.

Another point about freedom that must be stressed is that once a freedom is threatened by violence and hence not performed, that freedom is lost.

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