On the Subject of Democrats Blaming Tea Party for Credit Rating Downgrade

I find it mildly hilarious that democrats are blaming the Tea Party for the credit downgrade… Overspending by Democrats and neoconservative Republicans has caused debt that has spiraled to extraordinary heights resulting in the need to raise the debt ceiling multiple times. Furthermore, I also see the credit rating downgrade by the S&P which may result in economic damage as nothing new. The S&P was one of the key players which led to the economic distress starting in 2007 based on faulty inflated ratings of mortgage-backed securities. Regarding whether the US is currently credit worthy, I believe the answer to that question is yes absolutely. The US has the largest economy and largest military to protect that economy in the world, in the past few years it has wasted trillions in wars thousands of miles away topped with paying off corrupt governments that harbor our number 1 enemy. If we can get our act together and reduce needless spending on destruction while improving domestic infrastructure and reducing restrictions and taxes on businesses I can see a recovery in order. Don’t blame the problem solvers for the result of a problem built by a tainted two party system that has had no respect for fiscal policy.

The democrats who have shifted the blame to the Tea Party include but are not limited to John Kerry and former Obama adviser David Axelrod, who have called the recent credit rating downgrade by the S&P to be the “tea party downgrade”. As an American interested in the long term livelihood of the United States as a sovereign nation, I support the spending cuts achieved primarily upon the stubbornness of the Tea Party to cave into political bullying and threats of major news organizations along with the Treasury Secretary’s unsubstantiated claims of economic ruin should the debt limit be exceeded. Right now, Democrats should focus instead on their party’s 2008 election promises that have never come to fruition. Bringing troops back from Afghanistan, for example, is something that will save the United States billions of dollars. The cost of the Afghanistan war in 2010 alone was 106.6 billion dollars, and it is estimated that this year we will spend 122 billion dollars [1].


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