Is Social Media Here To Stay?

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, you name it, is not a new phenomenon. It is, however, being used by a much older population and taken much more seriously that it has in the past. In essence it has become the show and tell for all of your friends and relatives and possibly co-workers to see what you are up to and when. I can’t count how many times people have lost their jobs for posting politically charged or reputable information on their personal social media page – but couldn’t name a single case of this happening back in the early to late 90’s when MySpace was the place for social media, if not yahoo! Social Media has become less of a easy-going tool for friends to hang out and share experiences and/or feelings and more of how people want others to perceive their personal lives.

Social media is not only expected but sometimes required for a job – those without a Facebook account will be labelled as suspicious by some employers. Obviously, in some peoples’ minds, those without a Facebook account have something to hide. You might abandon Facebook thinking it will protect you, but the very fact that such a overarching medium for expression exists demands an impact on your person from social media. Answer to the post – yes.

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