The Reason for the Trayvon Martin Publicity

How did Trayvon Martin come into the public’s eye? Why did Obama personally make a comment on the case and compare Trayvon to his own kids? Why is Eric Holder now pushing for Federal intervention in a state case? Why was there a state case after police finished their investigation and found Zimmerman to be innocent?

The answer to all of these questions, in my opinion, is that the Obama administration along with Bloomberg and other liberal gun control proponents are using this as a catalyst to undo some very important laws and rights we have as US Citizens passed down through generations – the second Amendment of our Constitution that is. Already, Obama operatives such as Holder are pushing to repeal “Stand Your Ground” laws. Of course, Mayor Bloomberg and all of the liberal media outlets are also broadcasting nonstop about the need to repeal such laws.

If you aren’t aware of what a “Stand your Ground” law is, it basically protects your right to protect yourself with deadly force if there is a reasonable belief of an unlawful threat without fleeing first. When applied to defending your home against intruders this law is often called the “Castle Doctrine”. These laws protect those defending themselves from threat using deadly force, and are most applicable to those that have concealed carry licenses and are carrying a weapon for self defense.

Given that the law abiding and outlaws in this country both have guns, these laws brings balance to the force if you will – outlaws will think twice before trying to commit crimes in the open. If the equation is modified where the outlaws are the only ones who have guns and can use them because they simply don’t care about the law, then we have a problem. Montana was the safest place I’ve lived, and one of the reasons I felt so safe is that nearly everyone has a gun and knows how to use it – and there are a lot more law abiding folks then outlaws. On the other hand, walking down the streets of Chicago where the gun laws are the strictest in the country you will be mindful to watch your step and your back at all times.

One of the most stirring reasons I am against each and every one of these gun control politicians is the fact that each of them is surrounded by folks protecting them with guns. I doubt they will ever in their lives walk around without the protection of guns and people willing to sacrifice their lives to protect them. Normal citizens who are trying to make a living while protecting their families from those that would do them harm deserve the tools needed to defend themselves. In fact, the founders of our country devised the second amendment not for the ability to hunt like Obama likes to mislead folks into thinking (and to think Obama was a Constitutional law professor). Instead, the law was place right between free speech and the limitation on government from quartering troops in peoples’ homes without owner consent. Doesn’t that mean the second amendment was written to limit the powers of government and to keep our United States from becoming an tyrannical state?

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