Free Speech is Under Fire

Free speech is under fire from a variety of directions. For most people free speech is limited by their company, in other words their words are stifled by what they might think their company thinks about what they say. They go from outgoing and outrageous to virtually a politician – too afraid to say anything that might be construed in the wrong way and are brought into silence as to not offend anyone.

Secondly, free speech is under fire from certain governments across the world. It is not uncommon to be jailed for what you say on Facebook whether it is against a politician or a government practice. In these countries the government is not really representative of the people but rather in control of them. Some countries forgo this hassle by simply blocking Facebook, Twitter, and any platform where people can “congregate”. In the US, free speech is allowed but closely monitored and recorded. Private emails and messages are a joke.

The last and most serious threat to free speech are those who would terrorize and kill to silence their opponents. Also this has previously been confined to third world countries, the practice is spreading to Europe especially. This kind of activity is a threat to a free and just society, and if not stopped may be the biggest threat to human civilization and the progress it has made.

Every human should have the right to express themselves or their thoughts on a subject without facing danger or imprisonment. That includes you and me, and the more people who reject the notion that they should keep silent the more sinister the things folks will get away with.

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