Is Ted Cruz Trying to Sabotage the Elections?

“Net Neutrality is the Obamacare of the Internet” – Ted Cruz

This is one of the least thought out statements made by a politician in recent history, and unfortunately this individual is running under the GOP banner. Folks that are simply trying to elect a conservative candidate will have to endure debates that will most likely mirror circus acts – much like what happened in 2008. What I’m expecting to see is all but maybe one (Rand Paul) Republican candidate trying to shout louder than each other on the same issues which are geared toward energizing the base but pushing away moderates. Most likely we will see some sort of call to action with regards to foreign policy, and a lot of rhetoric aimed at Obama not as an effort to find a better solution to the problems Americans face but rather to see who is more Alpha than the other.

Unfortunately, many voters will vote with their impressions of masculinity etc. rather than educated research on the topics at hand. I’m quite interested in seeing who presents the most reasonable answer to American foreign policy, Second Amendment rights, and privacy. Another issue that needs to be tackled is that of mounting US National debt and consistent budget deficits – however I have a notion that this will be pushed to the side in favor of spending more on military adventures and further subsidizing governments around the world. Will Ted Cruz be a serious contender for the White House? I have my doubts but who knows what will happen in the next few months. Will Ted Cruz damage Republican image in the minds of Moderates and Democrats? Definitely, the damage has already been done and will just get worse – for someone to label Net Neutrality an “Obamacare of the Internet” means that we will most likely see more statements which are easy to fit in one sentence and repeat but are far from the truth.

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