Is PasswordBox Safe?

I’ve been considering starting to use a password manager for awhile now, however I’ve been holding off because of the simple fact that a password manager means that if someone cracks or keylogs your master password then they can view all the passwords you have for every site in existence – including your SSN and other personal information if you have so chosen to put it in their system.

PasswordBox works by having a you downloading a client and setting a master key that will be used to encrypt all of your passwords – so your passwords aren’t really stored on their system but instead a encrypted version of your password is stored and then decrypted by you entering your master key. The encryption method is AES-256 which stands for Advanced Encryption Standard, and PasswordBox does not store your master password on its server.

That being said, if your computer is already compromised than one entry of the master password means that hackers could potentially download the PasswordBox program and then use that one password and see all the passwords you have for all of your sites : email, facebook, banks, etc.

For that reason I am still sceptical, not to mention there is no fee for this application so it’s doubtful they aren’t collecting information to generate revenue from the users.

I Have a Start Menu Now!

Windows 8 users probably are frustrated by the lack of the start menu – getting to what they want to get to by hovering their mouse in the top right corner, searching for it, and then trying to find it is frustrating. I was able to get my start menu back (See screenshot) by downloading a free program called Start Menu 8 here. The application was developed by a company called IObit, and their product page can be accessed at It’s quite refreshing to get the semblance of using a real working computer again – hopefully Microsoft learns from this and stops dropping features that make up the lifeblood of its business.

Start Menu on my Windows 8

Finally, App Store Here I Come

Finally working through all the issues I’ve had with my distribution license and a buggy version of Apple application loader causing Xcode to incorrectly identify my icon as a faulty size I’ve submitted an app to the app store (for free of course). Now I just need to work on some apps with more content, and some for my own personal enjoyment. After submitting an app about my fiance’s hometown I am on to work on a GPS based application I can use to gauge just how fuel efficient my car is.

The Luoyang App

If you’ve come to this page it probably means you’ve arrived via the support email for the “Luoyang App”. Please comment here for fast response to your questions/concerns/upgrade ideas. Thanks