Which Songs Does ‘Who Put the Bomp’ Reference?

I became interested in this because in the song ‘Who Put the Bomp’ (which is posted on my previous post) is entirely devoted to the artist who put certain noises in their songs. Below are my best guesses – Blue Moon has a lot of ‘bomps’, and ‘Ramadamadingdong’ is definitely from The Edsels song named Rama Lama Ding Dong.

Blue Moon – The Marcels

Rama Lama Ding Dong – The Edsels

Favorite 50’s Songs

Today I feel like some bringing up a lighter subject than the economic disaster brewing – a few of my favorite 50’s songs:

Angel Eyes – Curtis Lee

Who Put The Bomp – Barry Mann

Teenager In Love – Dion and the Belmonts

Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry

There are a lot of other great 50’s songs, but I think Elvis deserves an entire post for that purpose.

The Facebook Matrix

The Facebook Matrix

The Facebook Matrix

Everything in moderation – that includes viewing photos and news about your friends and uploading photos and news of yourself. Of late I have come to realize that if a person spends on average 1 hour per day on a site like facebook starting at age 15 and lives until 90 (not an unreasonable life expectancy), then that person will have spent over three years non-stop on Facebook. Think about what can be accomplished in three years – a college degree, a three year prison term, etc.

Facebook and online social media including the blog you are reading right now are sapping people of time that they would have otherwise hopefully used in a more productive way. This blog, while in my opinion better than Facebook in that it belongs to me, the ads are mine not Facebook’s and much of what I write requires research and learning, is still most likely going to take up at least a year of my life before I’m finished (literally and figuratively).

In essense, what I’m trying to say is next time you want to ‘poke’ someone on Facebook consider driving over and phyiscally giving that person a poke (after considering the legal implications and of course the social acceptability of the action). Next time you decide to peruse someone’s photo album, take a moment and consider whether it’s worth it – perhaps the time would be better spent getting on the ground and doing 50 push-ups.

A few things to consider:

  • Facebook will never tell you how many hours you have spent on the site, it would reduce popularity!
  • Advertisements can utilize any information you put on Facebook, such as exact age, political party, music interest, religion, etc. in order to fool you into thinking they are specifically catered to you!
  • All photos submitted to Facebook may be used by law enforcement, employers, news papers, etc. without your permission – the photos are no longer yours.
  • Blackmail – Facebook rarely deletes your information, even if you change or delete it from your profile.
  • Profiles are never deleted, they are only archived and put into hibernation until your revive it.

Grow Humans Using Skin Cells

I recently read an article published here¬†about Chinese scientists fully growing mice using their skin cells. They claim that “tremendous good can come from demonstrating the versatility of reprogrammed cells in mice”, angood that can be used to “understand the root causes of disease and lead to viable treatments and cures of human afflictions.”

Rhetoric aside, this means that it is almost certainly possible to create human clones simply using the cells in their skin, or perhaps in the future cloning a person using a cell from anywhere in the body and perhaps even dead cells from the hair! Think of the future of forensic science as clones of murderes can be made to positively identify the criminals or how much easier it would be to have someone look exactly your friend by simply picking up their stray hairs and going to the local cloning facility! Of course all of these will have their respective ‘ethical’ barriers but would still be possible and most likley realizable. Both sides have their merits, as clones should be granted the same rights as non-clones.

Other possible uses for cloning are simply cloning humans for organ collection or mass production of short-lived ‘supersoldiers’.

Continental Airlines Apologizes to Former India President

I was surprised to read that Continental apologized to the former president of India Abdul Kalam after India’s Bureau of Civil Aviation Security filed a complaint with the local police in response to a routine frisking through airport security.

I would also like an apology from all the airlines, the TSA, etc. for checking me and making me take my shoes off and my laptop out of my bag!

Obama Swats Fly!

Barack Obama shows his good motor skills in swatting a large fly that was bothering him during an interview. Below is a clip showing this momentous occasion.

Obama Moments before hitting the fly

Obama Moments before hitting the fly

I’ve read that PETA was discouraged by the act and is planning to give Obama a special device that can catch flies so that they can be released outside. Personally I think Obama did the right thing.

People Getting Ripped Off Make Me Laugh

Being ripped off, otherwise being fooled into giving too much for something that is worth too little, is commonplace in today’s life. One can be ripped off when one buys insurance, gasoline, food, and even schooling.

The thing is, in China getting ripped off is something that not everyone realizes, but I do. Take, for example the $80 buffet in Sheraton. Down the street one can eat a hardy sushi meal for half the price and skip out on the bland pieces of bread so artistically situated and the inconceivably mild flavors of the fried rice. Newcomers to China are often duped into eating at their hotel of residence, and while doing so in places like Japan won’t make too much difference, Chinese cities have much to offer in the way of food that large international hotels simply cannot understand.

Nearby where I reside, there is a hotel for local Chinese. There they serve dim sum “dian xing” in the mornings, and all types of food imaginable at lunch and in the evening. At first I thought they had an aquarium when I walked in, turns out they eat each and every species swimming in the glass containers. Eel, turtle, snapping turtle, shrimp, and lots of variety of fish. This place is even cheaper, where one can get a fufilling dim sum breakfast for less than $7. If you don’t know what dim sum is, they are basically steamed “things” if you will that are handmade and quite tasty.

Oh yes, and the city where I reside also has upscale malls larger than any in the state where I am from. In them one will find Gucci, Omega, etc. to fufill ones need for luxury items. Personally, I find $20,000 purses a decadent waste of money that could have better be used traveling or investing in the currently cheap stock market.

Why We Don’t Have the Cure For Cancer Yet

The reason, I believe, that we do not yet have the cure for cancer and have not come up with any groundbreaking inventions within recent years is due to video games.

Video games primarily prey on those traditionally good in school, and obsessive in nature. They utilize math and science and fake people into believing they are doing something worthwhile. It is especially prevalent here at Iowa State among engineering and Computer Science majors, but a particular game called “World of Warcraft” has caused many of these otherwise talented folks to drop out. They spend entire nights on the game, fufilling quests and trying to improve their characters and their fake bank accounts.

Perhaps what should be done is putting an end to the unconstructive games such as these and giving tax breaks to video game developers who refocus their efforts on creating instructional games which teach their users valuable skills excluding “magic” and “mining”. If, for example, World of Warcraft forced their users to learn about math or science in order to complete quests, or to write papers on various educational subjects in-game and earn points that way, more could be learned.

In any case, I’m sure that video games have somewhere along the line caused one or more people with the ability to come up with a cure for cancer to go astray. Those hours spent in front of the console of choice would have gone into research and bringing fresh ideas and approaches to solving the world’s ills. No wonder I have heard talk of politicians who are considering banning certain games.

Although the Constitution does not allow for this type of regulation, I think its good for people for think for themselves on this issue.

Of course, no one can deny the positive affect the gaming industry on technology, especially graphic technology. Without the funding from all of these addicts, there would be little or no incentive to drive the graphics technology forward at such a rapid pace. Other technology that benefits is hard drive technology, memory speed, and graphics/sound cards.

When Bailouts Go Too Far

After reading an article on The Absolute Commentary, I think people are losing sight for which industries really need to be bailed out in order for our economy to function properly.

The original article mentioned how Larry Flynt (Publisher of Hustler) and Joe Francis (CEO of Girls Gone Wild) are going to ask Congress for a 5 billion dollar bailout.

As a rational person, I find it ridiculous how insulting this ploy would be on taxpayers. Francis tries to justify his actions,

“the US government should actively support the adult industry’s survival and growth, just as it feels the need to support any other industry cherished by the American people.”

“With all this economic misery and people losing all that money, sex is the farthest thing from their mind. It’s time for congress to rejuvenate the sexual appetite of America. The only way they can do this is by supporting the adult industry and doing it quickly.”

I would much rather bailout an obscure company in Azerbaijan that makes useful products than to bailout the American porn industry.

This news, while one the surface comical, reveals a deepening economic crisis. An industry that most would think quite profitable is asking for a bailout, and that should cause some concern. Regarding whether I think this bailout appropriate, all I can say is that if Congress even considers allocating taxpayer money towards this I will start looking at properties in Canada.