Paul the Octopus Chooses Spain

Paul the Octopus, who according to all sources available has correctly chosen every winner of this year’s FIFA competition, has chosen Spain to beat the Netherlands. I am anxious for this to be proven false, though my gut feeling is that the owner has done statistical research on each team and places the better smelling food in whatever HE chooses to be the next winner. In anycase, the game starts in two minutes so I will be watching.

Google To Release New Web Browser Tomorrow!!!

Google will begin distributing its own browser in a move likely to heat up its rivalry with Microsoft.

The Internet search leader confirmed the long-rumored browser in a Monday posting on its Web site. Google said the free browser, called “Chrome,” will be available for downloading Tuesday.

The browser represents Google Inc.’s latest challenge to Microsoft, whose Internet Explorer is used by half of Web surfers. Google has been concerned that Microsoft will try to program Internet Explorer in a way that makes it more difficult for Google’s search engine to attract traffic.

Google is taking some features from Firefox, such as the tabs, and adding its own spin, placing them above the address bar rather than below it. The address bar will have an auto-complete feature, much like that of Firefox. The Chrome browser home page will offer a speed-dial feature, similar to the one seen on Opera’s desktop browser.

Chrome will have a “privacy” mode. Surfing with the privacy setting enabled will create a new browsing window and allow you to browse with no history of what occurs in that window being stored on the computer. In other words, you can browse sites and no one will be able to track down where you’ve been on that machines.

I am anxiously awaiting this new browser and expect only the best from Google.

For more details check here

Liu Xiang

Start at 3:19

Here is how Liu Xiang became famous by taking China’s first gold in track and field.

Below is Liu Xiang breaking the world record in 110 meter hurdles:

Recently Liu Xiang injured his achilles tendon and was therefore unable to qualify for the racing this year.