Forced Withdrawals from Retirement Plans

A lessor known fact for folks that invest in retirement accounts such as IRA’s or 401(k)’s is that you will be forced to withdraw a certain percentage of your retirement accounts when you reach 70 and a half years old. Starting at a bit less than 4% the first year and reaching 15% per year by the time you reach 100. At 115 the minimum is more than 52%, since statistically most people do not make it that long. While this might not seem like a huge deal, it IS when you start to consider how many people are nearing that age – the folks referred to as “Baby Boomers”. Considering much of their money is tied up in these accounts they will most definitely be starting to withdraw this decade as the first of them hit their 70’s. This will put some negative pressure on the stock market, and definitely won’t be a positive thing for younger investors who invest in the stock market as a whole. My suggestion is to then plan on this situation accordingly, invest in solid companies that will continue to outperform as a huge number of people retire – and diversify your investments. Check out some of my other investing related posts for help on doing this.