Crime Doesn’t Pay Unless Criminals Don’t Get Caught

You’ve head it before and today you hear it again – Crime Doesn’t Pay. Because it doesn’t! Today I read an article that seems as fake as flying frogs – a thug fired a shot at someone who was willingly giving up his possessions during a robbery and the bullet ricocheted of the crime victim’s face and hit and killed a criminal accomplice! Poetic justice at its finest. You can see the full story here.

Is it true that crime doesn’t pay? Or is it only true that stupid crime doesn’t pay? Take Bernie Madoff, for example – here is a man who was able to con some very rich and powerful folks into a pyramid scheme because he had confidence and had run his private company for 40 years before a large market crash exposed his lies and caused the stack of cards to tumble. Are there yet even more powerful players at play currently that are doing things that would be classified as crimes but don’t get caught because of their power or influence?

Today I encourage you all to think twice about how secure you think you are and be vigilant – not only against petty thugs who will rob you and shoot you while you are willingly giving away your possessions. Are you being robbed by folks you think you can trust? Think thoughtfully and carefully on this subject, leaving no stone unturned. You might have just saved yourself from being Madoff’ed!