The Art of the Campaign

Donald Trump has certainly impressed – his straight talking style and abandonment of the Teleprompter has placed him first among Republicans. Whether or not the Donald will win against Hilary is yet to be seen. What Trump has on his side is less political baggage and scandals such as Hilary with regards to Bengazi and her suspicious activity regarding state emails.

Unfortunately, Trump has already alienated a lot of people and the media with his non-politically correct language. That same language is what’s getting supporters fired up and on his side though, and he knows it. It will be great to see the first round of debates, and it will be a nightmare for the Republicans if he loses the primary and runs as a third party candidate – something he has the resources to do.

The liberal media is definitely giving Trump much of the limelight compared to other Republican contenders, almost as if they want to see a Trump victory in the primaries. Folks like Rand Paul are being pushed into the shadows – and with it America’s best hope of reducing foreign intervention. Whether Trump has a good plan in place to reduce national debt is yet to be seen, and Hilary has the Bill Clinton ticket to play – Bill was the only president in recent history to create a budget surplus in the late 90’s which lasted until the year 2001 when 9/11 happened.

It is hard to see Trump being president because he acts very non-Presidential, very brash, wherein every sentence may mean a potential slander lawsuit. Regardless, he has managed to succeed so far, and maybe his next book will be titled “The Art of the Campaign”!