Why Are Ants Trying To Climb Into My Laptop?

I currently work in Malaysia and in my office there are small ants crawling around because sometimes food is left on tables etc. What I noticed one day was that there was a line of ants going up and into a neighbour’s laptop through the heatsink. The first thought that comes to mind is, they must have found a good place for a nest inside the running laptop. Then reality kicks in, no way the ants would get fried in there!

Today I read an article about ‘Crazy Ants’, that have been taking over in Texas as the head honcho based on their chemical excretions that neutralize fire ant poison that also double as a chemical weapon of their own. These ants, unlike fire ants, like to steal their homes rather than build them from scratch. In fact, they would prefer to fight and kill a colony of fire ants and steal their home than build their own. Another place they like to live, unlike fire ants, is in electronics or any man-made home. Additionally, I found that when these crazy ants get zapped by electronics they emit the ’emergency’ chemical that signals to the other ants they are in trouble and need help. That brings the other ants over, and whala! My answer to why these ants at work are crawling into a hazardous heatsink of a computer is solved!

How do you deal with a genetically superior ant that is naturally from Brazil but wreaks havoc among Texas’s natural ecosystem? These crazy ants are taking food that would be traditionally eaten by bugs that birds enjoy eating – however birds understandably aren’t too keen on eating these smelly chemically laden ants that like zapping themselves in electronics. Fire ants, also from Brazil, are beginning to seem like old friends when it comes to these crazy ants. Perhaps the birds are just going to have to adapt to eating these smelly creatures.