Get Ready for Higher Gasoline Prices

Now this is not a sure thing, but according to this Wall Street Journal article it looks like Obama is putting all options on the table in regards to military action against Iran. Should he be in favor of war with Iran we as voters will be placed in an unusual position where both the Democrats and Republicans are gearing for starting another war. War is expensive, it causes government borrowing and also uses up a lot of resources and damages infrastructure – in Iran’s case this would be the infrastructure to extract crude oil. Oil prices have already gone up in anticipation of war, which has put a burden on everyone around the world from those who drive cars to those in the transportation or food industry. The price of oil really affects everything anyone buys, so war with Iran will push gas prices up like the war with Iraq did.

In my opinion, if the United States bears the cost of an Iran war it will further weaken our economic standing and require that our debt ceiling be raised again. This may cause a credit downgrade of US sovereign debt, and will certainly result in more loss of life.

War With Iran – Ill Advised

The state of the union is troubling, to say the least. Last night Obama gave a speech full of promises and plans to bring America forward, one particular topic may bring America backwards and to its knees economically. The hint of another war in the Middle East should frighten anyone, but the economic implications of sending hundreds of thousands of troops back into Iran after leaving Iraq and Afghanistan would mean less domestic recovery and a deeper debt to other countries. Deeper government debt would be passed on to none other than you, the taxpayer. James Madison once wrote the following:

“Of all the enemies of true liberty, war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded…War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes. …No nation can preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”

Unfortunately the political winds seem to be pointing towards a war with Iran, perhaps because it makes the Republican candidates (excluding Ron Paul) and President Obama seem stronger – to me it makes them weak. Iran does not have nuclear capability, and if it were to become a nuclear power Israel has more than enough nuclear stockpiles to prevent Iran from ever using them.

I’ve had enough of this warmongering, it is not morally justified. I feel it is my duty to inform others that a war with Iran is not a war for America, and will not benefit America – It will further weaken America’s standing in the world and be another nail in our national deficit coffin.

There is only one candidate who has spoken for his opposition for this war, or what others call an “option on the table”, and that candidate is Ron Paul. Avoid war hawks, or risk paying $5.00 for gas and not being able to take a restroom break without being watched.