RNC Spends $150,000 on Sarah Palin’s Clothes

Today I was surprised to find out that the Republican National C ommittee has spent at least $150,000 on designer clothes fo r John McCain’s running mate. Spending records filed with the Federal Election Commission and obtained by Politico show the RNC paid for “campaign accessories” from upscale department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, where nearly $50,000 was spent, Neiman Marcus, $75,000, and $4,700 for hair and makeup.The McCain campain responded to the findings by saying: “With all the important issues facing the country right now, it’s remarkable that w e’re spending time talking about pantsuits and blouses.” My reponse to the McCain campaign is this… “If  you are going to identify with our country which is now facing a recession, then you sure aren’t going to entertain anyone by lavishly spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on clothes for a VP candidate that probably won’t win.

Thank you McCain

McCain corrected some of the wrongdoing by his campaign yesterday, and I must say that I respect him for it, and this shows that he is a true maverick.

However I must say that you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. His campaign has been running negative ads 100% about Obama until recently and only now is McCain changing his strategy? Its seems to me like the McCain camp can’t make up their minds.

What are “Earmarks”?

In the realm of politics “earmarks” are used to refer to federal money directed to specific projects. For example, Boston’s “Big Dig” was financed by a large earmark that cost the tax payers around fourteen billion dollars. The word has often been used in this year’s election campaign with a negative connotation. McCain is famously against earmarks and “pork barrel spending”.

In the past, earmarks were non-existent and deemed unconstitutional. John C. Calhoun’s plan in 1817 to link the East and South United States to the Western Frontier was turned down by James Madison. However, ever since that time earmarks have become more and more prevalent in politics as State power declined and Federal power increased. Earmarks became a way of life after the Civil War. The Trans-Continental Railroad, the Hoover Dam, and Mount Rushmore are all examples of projects financed by earmarks.

Why on Earth Would a Libertarian Support Obama?

I would classify myself as a libertarian. I am anti- big government, I am for low or no taxes, and I shudder at the thought of my country instigating wars. I have always opposed the patriot act, and am for freedom of the press and internet. As of late you will find that my posts support in one way or another Obama. If you ask me why my answer would include the following:

  • Ron Paul did not run as a third party candidate.
  • McCain will not help our situation abroad, and will likely instigate another war
  • Wars tend to give the government more power, and tend to wipe out the middle class and citizen’s rights
  • The future of America depends on a stable mind, not one quick to anger
  • In my view McCain lacks the aforementioned

That said, there are still those issues regarding Obama’s planned policies which I have problems with; but in all reality folks wasting money on civic programs is much better than wasting money on a failed foreign policy.

I quote Benjamin Franklin: “There never was a good war or a bad peace.”

Further Reflection on McCain’s VP Pick

John McCain has chosen Sarah Palin to be his VP. The funny thing is John McCain knows very little about this person; this person has absolutely no experience in foreign affairs, and her area of expertise is focused on Alaska. It is an insult to my intelligence and that of others for McCain to obviously pick his VP for political reasons, as she is a woman with less qualification than Obama (whom he bashed for not having enough experience).

The reason I am including the word “woman” in my last sentence is that it is plainly obvious that that was the reason she was chosen. She is a woman and a political wild-card, something that McCain’s campaign believes will add “progressiveness” to his campaign, and appeal to Hilary’s former supporters. Well McCain, my IQ is much higher than 100, above that point where people might actually buy into your trick. Nice try McCain but no cigar.

If for any reason the VP needs to become president, I would not feel safe being someone who has no experience, and quite honestly I am not ready for a female president. John McCain has kicked conservatives out, and now they can either choose for change that has been advocated for an entire campagin, or change that was recently picked by someone who would be the oldest president in United States history.