The President has not received proper authority to wage war against Libya. A no-fly zone over a country constitutes an act of war. Hawkish lawmakers are encouraging the sending of troops to help out the rebels, and while we might be able to militarily defeat Gadhafi in a matter of weeks, what Afghanistan and Iraq teaches us is that there will be a lingering threat and emergence of new threats to the troops who much remain there while the country rebuilds. As it was with Afghanistan and Iraq, congress did not declare war – Obama is going off the authority of the United Nations to start yet another money draining waste of American resources and lives. Although the British and French are involved the United States will be seen as the chief player in the conflict and WILL be paying most of the bill.

The ironic twist of all this is that other countries are murdering protesters with little or no public outcry of our Secretary of State, President, or media. The murders in Bahrain, for example, where shoved under the carpet and protests there are being blamed on Iran. Foreign policy hasn’t changed, Obama is simply George W. Bush with a different face. Americans were stuck between two candidates that turn out to be both war-mongers – McCain who would have most likely already plunged the world in to WWIII and Obama who can be considered a Bush with better oratory skills.

Sarah Palin hits New Low

Today, Saturday October 4th, 2008 Sarah Palin said that Barack Obama “palled around with terrorists”. Being the first time I heard this expression I looked it up, and to go palling around with someone is to have them as your friend or buddy. She said this because one of Obama’s supporters, one who Obama never associated himself with, happened to be William C. Ayers, former Weather Underground leader who is now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Is it just me, or did Sarah Palin just fail the LSAT* test? Sure someone can support someone, but does that necessarily mean that the person being supported has associates him/herself with the supporter? I’m sure nobody ever criticized John Lennon for having a stalker, the stalker was just drawn to him. In saying that by simply having the support of someone the supported candidate Obama is “palling around with terrorists” is just wrong.

This just goes to show the new low in logical thinking displayed by Governer Palin and McCain’s team. What I would like to know is what score she would get on the LSAT!

Today Sarah talked on FOX news about her Katie Couric interview, saying that the questions were biased towards the Washington and media elite. She said how the American people needed to hear about:

“energy independence, they want to talk about how they are gonna be able to send their kids to college, to hear our solutions to challenges to health care”

Is it just me or did she just contradict her beliefs about what the American people need to hear? Do they need to hear some propaganda that uses key words that will engrave themselves in the simple mind, specifically her saying that Barack associated himself with terrorists using faulty logic that would get her nowhere in any job except politics?

My personal view? McCain should bottle her up again, but this time permanently. And also throw the bottle in the sea and hope no-one finds it. We need a real Vice-President, especially on McCain’s ticket. It’s not too late to change.

*Law School Admissions Test used in the United States

McCain Wants To Delay First Presidential Debate

John McCain recently said that he wants to delay the first presidential debate because of the financial crisis. Obama’s camp seems to have agreed. Although the debate date was set 10 months ago, it will most likely be delayed due to the financial crisis. Sounds more like a political ploy to me.

Who is Tired of the Political Circus?

You might think I would be the last person to post about a process that grips the nation’s attention months before elections are held. You might think that criticizing the publicity is anti-American, as the media coverage and scrutiny are necessary to find a good president of this country. Maybe you are right. But what happened to the time where the President was chosen because he stood out amongst others. What happened to the timeĀ  when we knew we had a great candidate to choose from?

I strongly believe that much time and energy is wasted in covering the campaigns, and that it could be better spent working diligently while realizing that we aren’t going to have a particularly good candidate to choose from this year. We should understand the basic principles and history of each candidate, and while choosing a candidate should not be a simple process, it should not become an obsession. How many man-hours is spent discussing, arguing about, or digging up facts on the two candidates on hand? I won’t spend too much time on this, otherwise it would seem a great irony.