Don’t Vote out of Spite

I’m astonished by the number of people I run into who are planning on voting for someone they don’t really like in order for someone else not to win. They might have a favorite candidate in mind, but they are not voting for him because they are afraid he isn’t going to be able to beat their most hated candidate be him from the Republican party or the incumbent Barack Obama. This kind of mentality should not plague the Republican primary, since it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If everyone has this mentality then sure enough, they will get what they are predicting will be the case. This mentality has been constantly enforced by the entire spectrum of the mainstream news media, but has been challenged by smaller online news websites. Take a look at Ron Paul or Rick Santorum, both of these candidates were shunned by the media but it turns out Ron Paul (who is not mentioned as a ‘top-tier’ candidate) has been getting the second most number of votes throughout the primaries (as of today 22.4%, behind Romney’s 34.4%) comfortably beating Gingrich’s 10.7% standing. Santorum was able to take Iowa by surprise, and currently has 14.4% of the primary votes so far. Looking at the statistics the real top-tier candidates have been Romney, Paul and Santorum (not Gingrich). Take a looks at news articles covering the election, and you will find Romney and Gingrich disproportionally mentioned all over – this is probably because Obama is their favorite and in my opinion Obama will beat either of these candidates based on their overly hawkish attitude on foreign policy and their backgrounds which make them out of touch with most Americans. If one of the candidates above is your favorite then by all means vote for them, but don’t vote for someone because the media tells you they can’t win.

Who I’d Prefer Be President Given The Matchup

While my plan is to vote for Ron Paul whether or not he wins the primary (via write-in), below are my preferences of who will win given the match-up. What are yours?

Barack Obama – Ron Paul
Barack Obama – Herman Cain
Barack Obama – Mitt Romney
Barack Obama – Jon Huntsman
Barack Obama – Newt Gingrich
Barack Obama – Michele Bachmann
Barack Obama – Rick Perry
Barack Obama – Rick Santorum

Ron Paul Debates Gingrich on Patriot Act

During tonight’s CNN debate, Gingrich supported increasing the powers of the Patriot Act. Ron Paul opposed the Patriot Act since it compromises our freedoms and privacy. What do you think? I’m personally on the side of Paul on this, how much will the United States sacrifice in terms of protection of privacy to keep us safe?

The problem I see is that the United States has its fingers in so many international affairs that there are definitely threats against our nation and lots of people who resent us. Newt also has made his point on this, if ever a nuclear device was smuggled into the country it would be a disaster. Unfortunately the Patriot Act was one biggest victories of terrorists, it has drained billions of dollars through funding and reduction of productivity based on more stringent searches be them apparent or covert. In fact, who knows, maybe you are now being investigated for reading this post!

Ron Paul is also the only Republican candidate that does not support water-boarding, in this Ron Paul and Senator McCain share a mutual belief. I’d rather live in a country that does not engage in torture and spying on their citizens while looking for new wars to start while borrowing the money for these wars from China, in essence selling the children of the country into economic slavery. Each and every Republican candidate except for Ron Paul is running to support the short-term well being of corporate executives – a long term plan would be more beneficial to corporations and individuals within the United States and elsewhere. No one wants to face a impending depression.

In order news, B. Bernanke declared another round of quantitative easing will be underway shortly. This means in essence an injection of new money into the system where interest for this new money will be owed to the Federal Reserve by our Federal Government, where the Federal Reserve is not owned by the Government but by a collection of families who were part of banking monopolies over 100 years old.

My Opinion of Tonight’s Republican Debate in Las Vegas

Tonight’s Republican debate in Las Vegas, where the candidates included Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachmann, and Rick Santorum, was really in all honesty a zoo display where the only sane observers seemed to be Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich…

Romney, who apparently won’t back down from a ignore the other person continue to speak strategy, was able to display that Rick Santorum and Rick Perry were both of the same mindset. This really hurt both Santorum and Perry in my opinion because in both cases he seemed to have the upper hand and remained the calmer, more disciplined individual. Santorum started acting like a whiny baby at one point, where the debate between him and Romney was a “na-ah-ah” scene. Perry hounded Romney for “employing illegal immigrants” and accused him of being a hypocrite, while Romney responded pointing out measures Perry enacted in Texas that would pay for illegal immigrant tuition as well as pointing out that many of the Texas jobs cited by Perry were created for illegal immigrants.

On the issue of a border fence, Mr. Cain was in support of a defensive line across the border comprised of a physical fence and troops on the ground in some areas. Michelle Bachmann proposed a double-fence across the border, Perry went militant and talked about using troops and drones to monitor the border, Ron Paul is of the position (I was not able to watch his response tonight based on a peculiar stoppage of the internet streaming) that a border fence may be used in the future to ‘keep us in’ and also said that a fence with machine guns is not what America is about.

Ron Paul unfortunately was again given the least speaking time, and asked about topics where his views were obvious. Herman Cain was challenged by each candidate on his 9-9-9 plan, where in the first debate he was ignored and not seen as a threat by the other candidates.

The problem with judging electability on these types of debates is the debates are formulated by media corporations that have their own interests in mind. There is a reason Ron Paul was given the least amount of speaking time, because he has a track record of keeping his promises and being incredibly popular with a large segment of freedom loving Americans. Ron Paul would have brought the troops home after becoming President, unlike Obama who had promised to do so immediately, then changed to a 16 month time period, and even failed in that. Ron Paul is a limited government politician who favors leaving many of the decisions up to the states.

I think Americans are waking up to the fact that the mainstream media can no longer completely distort reality, as shown by Ron Paul’s California Republican straw poll victory of 44.9% of the votes. I’m sure you haven’t heard of this because the media has not announced it with thunder as they did with Herman Cain’s Florida victory. It is unfortunate that Ron Paul has not forced himself into the debate as other contestants have done, but fortunately if anything else he has educated a vast number of people with his ideas on monetary and foreign policy. His $1B spending reduction is seen by economics as a good thing in the long term, but something that will sting the economy in the short term – unfortunately the average candidate is more likely to make short term decisions that get him/her re-elected rather then make a hard decision which will cause short term pain but liberate the futures of America’s young.

Newt Gingrich is for all Practical Purposes Out of the Presidential Race

Newt Gingrich, who was probably most popular before beginning to run for president, is effectively out of the picture after being abandoned by all of his top campaign aids. Announcing his intention to run along with criticizing a Republican proposal for an cheaper alternative to Medicare put him under fire from most of the Republican party and soured his chances from the start. Afterwords, on an interview on Face the Nation he said he was “frugal” after being put on the spot for running up a $250,000 tab at Tiffany’s at one time. The leave comes after Gingrich’s recent cruise to Greece. Simply put, I believe the campaign aids lost faith in Gingrich as a leader after his ill-timed escapades and actions which made his campaign a joke. No one wants to work for a joke.

Gingrich has announced he will restart his campaign soon, yet perhaps he too will realize that his aspirations are a joke. Serious contenders for the Presidency must have fervor for their cause and truly believe in what they are doing and portray themselves as honest to the American public. While it is theoretically possible for Gingrich to make a comeback, if bets were on I would bet heavily against it.