Obama Receeds

After successfully not intervening  in Syria with Russian help, Obama once again is trying to focus his efforts of undermining second amendment rights and ironically pushes this topic after two shootings in Chicago Рthe city with the most strict gun laws in the Midwest. Two cases where criminals were using guns on lawful citizens who are discouraged from owning them based on city politics. The biggest failures of Obama as a president were signing too many executive orders, focusing too much on tearing up the 2nd amendment, and intervening in Libya.

It’s quite ironic that a former KGB agent is the champion for peace between countries while our Nobel Prize winning president was at one point trying to force us into another war.

Fox News Gets It Wrong On Obama

Fox news has been lambasting Obama for not successfully getting permission to strike Syria or unilaterally strike Syria without congressional approval – the kind of reporting done by folks in Fox news is utterly and wholly disgusting for the narrow-mindedness they display and their dogged determination to play for partisan politics instead of the good of our nation. I for one am not a supporter of Obama based on his track record on gun rights and civil liberties but I think he’s right to think twice about striking Syria and it’s good we have one level headed politician that doesn’t risk American lives based on his or her ego for once. I can’t speak for all of his presidency, but for the Syria case, I think he has done the right thing by playing it slow and waiting for congressional approval before a strike. Furthermore, I find it encouraging that Obama is open to a diplomatic solution involving Syria surrendering its chemical weapons for destruction.

Obama Support for UN Agenda 21 Very Concerning

Obama’s support of a UN plan to take land ownership away from individuals and place them at the disposal of UN planning committees couldn’t be farther from what the United States stands for. Obama signed an executive order establishing yet another useless bureaucracy,¬† the order was titled Establishing a White House Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities. You’ve got to love the propaganda techniques employed by the White House to justify this new unconstitutional entity that no one in America voted for (it was passed over the heads of both the Senate and House of Representatives), just watch the White House video for it! ¬† Land ownership is really the basis of our country and one of the things people work so hard in life to attain – to dash that possibility might as well throw out the concept of trade, production, and consumption. Read a few quotes from Agenda 21:

“Land … cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market” – Agenda 21

“Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes” – Agenda 21

These quotes speak for themselves – Obama wants to be the modern day Robin Hood, except instead what he’s doing is going to ruin our economy. I personally would find it very hard to work at all if there was nothing to be rewarded, including that option to buy property where I want. The UN would not be selling much land, and will only allow certain portions to be used for human habitation – therefore grouping humans into high population urban centers where it is easier to track and monitor everyone and force them to live in high rise buildings.

If you think I’m making this up then please check out the UN website for it. Thankfully, states have already become aware of the plan and Alabama has already rejected it outright. Let your representatives know about your opposition to UN Agenda 21 and the meddling involvement of the White House Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities and let democracy beat communism. Look for buzzwords when researching objectives for new unconstitutionally founded agencies and commissions, like sustainable, regional, or regionalism.

Writing this article was not intended to support Romney in any way, as he himself is dubious on the subject of individual liberties. I do not own any property and currently would not be effected by a UN land-grab, but am intending to in the future and such actions make it imperative that the word gets out on these heinous schemes.

Debt Ceiling Shouldn’t Cause Market Failure

If congress does not raise the debt ceiling there will be winners and losers in the stock market, but since low interest rates can be helpful to a short sited consumer spending driven economy there will be more losers than winners. While interest may raise, the United States may not pay off its debt obligations so it would not really be prudent to sell shares of profitable companies with low debt in exchange for notes that may or may not be paid off. The value of the dollar is bound to drop if the debt ceiling is not raised, however it is uncertain whether or not there will be deflation if the ceiling is not raised. There may be inflation either way. The only certain thing that has been happening throughout the debate is that people have been buying up gold and silver in mass quantity. The price of gold has risen to over $1,600 per ounce while silver has risen to over $40 per ounce. Oil is also on the rise, after Europe bailed out Greece and demand in the U.S. remains high. If the raise in debt ceiling results in a plan to raise taxes, the market will most likely react negatively. Regardless, in the age of reckless spending and lack of thought on the debt issue, I’m sure a plan will be devised in the last minute which will make sacrifices on both ends – an increase in taxes plus a reduction in spending. However, if the reduction in spending does not exceed the amount of ceiling increase the debt problem will only get worse. Raising the imaginary “ceiling” is an imaginary move that will have a placebo like effect. Long terms changes must be enacted before default is necessary or inflation skyrockets through the roof (which if you use the price of gold to gauge inflation it already has). Pay close attention to what comprises consumer price index, as the basket used to determine this has been changing over the years to help make it look like inflation is lower than it actually is.


The President has not received proper authority to wage war against Libya. A no-fly zone over a country constitutes an act of war. Hawkish lawmakers are encouraging the sending of troops to help out the rebels, and while we might be able to militarily defeat Gadhafi in a matter of weeks, what Afghanistan and Iraq teaches us is that there will be a lingering threat and emergence of new threats to the troops who much remain there while the country rebuilds. As it was with Afghanistan and Iraq, congress did not declare war – Obama is going off the authority of the United Nations to start yet another money draining waste of American resources and lives. Although the British and French are involved the United States will be seen as the chief player in the conflict and WILL be paying most of the bill.

The ironic twist of all this is that other countries are murdering protesters with little or no public outcry of our Secretary of State, President, or media. The murders in Bahrain, for example, where shoved under the carpet and protests there are being blamed on Iran. Foreign policy hasn’t changed, Obama is simply George W. Bush with a different face. Americans were stuck between two candidates that turn out to be both war-mongers – McCain who would have most likely already plunged the world in to WWIII and Obama who can be considered a Bush with better oratory skills.

US-Libya War Imminent

Today Obama released an ultimatum to Gadhafi to pull back all attacks on rebel held cities (see embedded video). He also said that Gadhafi must supply power to all areas of Libya (including the rebel held cities). This has come as a great relief to Rebels in the city of Benghazi (see image of woman shooting into the air)

In essence, the United States is declaring war on Gadhafi, who is most likely not going to let the protesters/rebels gain in strength and release Benghazi. If he does, the best bet is on splitting the country in two, where he controls the west and rebels control the east. There is news out which is saying the UN has found Gadhafi in violation of the new resolution as Gadhafi forces move east, hours after Obama’s speech.

Once can only wonder how long this new Middle Eastern war will last, and how much more US resources will be wasted in another instance of policing the world.

Will New Healthcare Reform Accelerate Inflation?

New Democrat government health care reform: Deficits and inflation will climb further,taxes will be increased, or both. Either way the burden is put on the public and the scope and power of the federal government will increase. Only time will tell whether the benefits of insuring everyone in the country will outweigh the financial and moral implications this increase in federal power bring. Yes, health care will be subsidized and cheaper – but who knows how long wait times will be, how willing doctors are to work for less money, or how much the quality of service will decrease. The sure thing is this program, like all other massive government programs, will cost an exorbitant amount of money. Government money is, as you hopefully know, a combination of tax income and loans from other countries and the federal reserve to which it pays interest to. Every year the government spends hundreds of billions of dollars to pay interest on its debt, that’s basically your tax dollars paying interest on loans to other countries (primarily Japan and China).

Perhaps this new plan will increase the amount of jobs, but most likely they will be disproportionately leaning towards government jobs: IRS agents, pencil pushers, and companies with less than 50 people (in the bill if you are an employer with more than 50 people, you must pay $2000 per employee if they take the public option – less than 50 people you are exempt).

Of course there’s more to say, but I’ll leave that up to you.

What Stood Out to Me in Obama’s State of the Union Address

Tonight President Obama gave an emotional speech to congress on what he believed the state of the union was and what he is doing to fix it. Some of the key points raised included:

  • Obama started talking in more detailed about a multi-billion dollar light rail (passenger) system that would be started in Florida and California, referencing other countries and saying that the United States should also have the fastest trains in the world.
  • Obama said he would end the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy in the military allowing openly gay soldiers to serve – the response from the military in the room was silence and or crossed arms.
  • Obama reiterated his charge on the largest banks to help pay back the leftover money lost from the bank bailout.
  • Obama stressed that our economy needed to export more, and to enforce trade laws (most likely he was indirectly referring to our largest Asian trading partner).
  • Obama once again brought up the issue of healthcare reform, admitting it wasn’t the most politically savvy thing to do yet the most important thing to do from a ‘moral’ standpoint. He also mentioned that this program would save one trillion dollars in the next 20 or so years.
  • Obama stressed the importance of building more nuclear power plants and increasing offshore drilling and resource utilization.

A few things he left out included:

  • Cap and trade.
  • Reducing the national debt.
  • Real ways to lower the trade deficit.

Obama once again mentioned how he lowered taxes for 95% of Americans and how the government should punish the companies who outsource labor (in my opinion all of the major profitable companies) and reward those who hire locally (which would naturally be the retail/service focused companies). While this sounds great, it does not cure the underlying problems of the American dollar being too strong relative to other currencies in order to make exporting goods profitable / feasible.

Another skipped subject was that of how the government would reconcile the bankrupcy of GM or how much it intended to spend on revamping healthcare. Surely the United States can find a way forward economically yet the solutions were not clear cut, and the government programs that simply handout freebies such as abused welfare, unemployment, or social security will only further sink the United States and high taxes for the rich will in some cases bring them and their money elsewhere to start jobs.

Obama Swats Fly!

Barack Obama shows his good motor skills in swatting a large fly that was bothering him during an interview. Below is a clip showing this momentous occasion.

Obama Moments before hitting the fly

Obama Moments before hitting the fly

I’ve read that PETA was discouraged by the act and is planning to give Obama a special device that can catch flies so that they can be released outside. Personally I think Obama did the right thing.

McCain Wants To Delay First Presidential Debate

John McCain recently said that he wants to delay the first presidential debate because of the financial crisis. Obama’s camp seems to have agreed. Although the debate date was set 10 months ago, it will most likely be delayed due to the financial crisis. Sounds more like a political ploy to me.