Mitt Romney Drake University Debate Faux pas

When Mitt Romney challenged Rick Perry with a $10,000 bet he might have been trying to portray Perry as weak for not accepting the bet, but in the process has alienated most of the country. The average American doesn’t have $10,000 in their pocket, or even in their bank account!

Rick Perry countered by saying he wasn’t in the betting business – really the whole affair was in my opinion negative for both candidates. Mitt Romney seems to have anger issues and Rick Perry was bringing up an old topic which has been mentioned in most of the other debates.

Who I’d Prefer Be President Given The Matchup

While my plan is to vote for Ron Paul whether or not he wins the primary (via write-in), below are my preferences of who will win given the match-up. What are yours?

Barack Obama – Ron Paul
Barack Obama – Herman Cain
Barack Obama – Mitt Romney
Barack Obama – Jon Huntsman
Barack Obama – Newt Gingrich
Barack Obama – Michele Bachmann
Barack Obama – Rick Perry
Barack Obama – Rick Santorum

Deceitful Ads Reflect Deceitful Presidential Hopefuls for 2012

Both Mitt Romney and Rick Perry aired misleading and deceitful ads recently, continuing a long tradition of running campaigns on blaming the “other guy” while not working on good solutions. Mitt Romney aired an ad showing Obama saying “If we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose.”, which was actually Obama quoting the McCain campaign! Perry took Obama out of context and used a sound byte “We’ve been a little bit lazy I think over the last couple of decades” to counter in such a way to indicate the statement was referring to the American people. The truth is that statement was referring to the government, in reference to their ability to attract foreign investment.

I’m not saying Obama is a beacon of light in terms of political honesty, but am pointing out that it is quite clear that at least two Republican contenders are trying to win regardless of moral cost. I think this will continue when they are elected, and what they said was the truth about their plan before the election will be different or have secret caveats when they do in fact become president. That is why I will not vote for either of these candidates in the primary, and I would suggest you think a moment about what kind of candidates would stand behind this type of strategy.

Rick Perry Forgets His Plan

Commerce, Education, and uh whats the third one there?

Rick Perry forgets the third agency he would do away with: Education, Commerce, and Unknown. This is quite embarrassing for a Presidential candidate, and gives the impression that Perry is not as mentally capable as Ron Paul or others on stage.

My Opinion of Tonight’s Republican Debate in Las Vegas

Tonight’s Republican debate in Las Vegas, where the candidates included Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachmann, and Rick Santorum, was really in all honesty a zoo display where the only sane observers seemed to be Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich…

Romney, who apparently won’t back down from a ignore the other person continue to speak strategy, was able to display that Rick Santorum and Rick Perry were both of the same mindset. This really hurt both Santorum and Perry in my opinion because in both cases he seemed to have the upper hand and remained the calmer, more disciplined individual. Santorum started acting like a whiny baby at one point, where the debate between him and Romney was a “na-ah-ah” scene. Perry hounded Romney for “employing illegal immigrants” and accused him of being a hypocrite, while Romney responded pointing out measures Perry enacted in Texas that would pay for illegal immigrant tuition as well as pointing out that many of the Texas jobs cited by Perry were created for illegal immigrants.

On the issue of a border fence, Mr. Cain was in support of a defensive line across the border comprised of a physical fence and troops on the ground in some areas. Michelle Bachmann proposed a double-fence across the border, Perry went militant and talked about using troops and drones to monitor the border, Ron Paul is of the position (I was not able to watch his response tonight based on a peculiar stoppage of the internet streaming) that a border fence may be used in the future to ‘keep us in’ and also said that a fence with machine guns is not what America is about.

Ron Paul unfortunately was again given the least speaking time, and asked about topics where his views were obvious. Herman Cain was challenged by each candidate on his 9-9-9 plan, where in the first debate he was ignored and not seen as a threat by the other candidates.

The problem with judging electability on these types of debates is the debates are formulated by media corporations that have their own interests in mind. There is a reason Ron Paul was given the least amount of speaking time, because he has a track record of keeping his promises and being incredibly popular with a large segment of freedom loving Americans. Ron Paul would have brought the troops home after becoming President, unlike Obama who had promised to do so immediately, then changed to a 16 month time period, and even failed in that. Ron Paul is a limited government politician who favors leaving many of the decisions up to the states.

I think Americans are waking up to the fact that the mainstream media can no longer completely distort reality, as shown by Ron Paul’s California Republican straw poll victory of 44.9% of the votes. I’m sure you haven’t heard of this because the media has not announced it with thunder as they did with Herman Cain’s Florida victory. It is unfortunate that Ron Paul has not forced himself into the debate as other contestants have done, but fortunately if anything else he has educated a vast number of people with his ideas on monetary and foreign policy. His $1B spending reduction is seen by economics as a good thing in the long term, but something that will sting the economy in the short term – unfortunately the average candidate is more likely to make short term decisions that get him/her re-elected rather then make a hard decision which will cause short term pain but liberate the futures of America’s young.