Establishment May use Sarah Palin to Stop Ron Paul

Recently Sarah Palin, an employee of Fox News, has been spreading rumors about the possibility of her entering the race for president under the Republican banner. If this is the case, it will surely be because Ron Paul is currently in the lead as indicated by the latest poll.

“It’s not too late for folks to jump in: Who knows what will happen in the future?” Palin, the Republicans’ 2008 vice presidential nominee, told the Fox Business Network on Monday night. Sarah Palin, who quit her tenure as Governor of Alaska to become a top paid commentator on the Fox News Network, may just be throwing these words out to get a Christmas bonus but may also be used as a tool to attempt to thwart Ron Paul.

Hopefully, intelligent-minded people will see through this and vote for Ron Paul. We shall see what transpires in the next few weeks.

The Tea Party Movement

The Tea Party Movement, in my view, is the exploitation of frustrated, desperate, and susceptible people by monied interests and profiteers. It is sad to see that many folks that had valid arguments against the government spending feel forced to follow someone like Sarah Palin. For many, it is a choice of the ‘lesser of two evils’ and unfortunately the movement has been corrupted by racism, ethnocentrism, and a dabble of blatant unashamed stupidity.

For speaking at the National Tea Party Convention Sarah Palin was paid $100,000 to deliver an inspirational speech, and Tom Tancredo began the event by supporting the revival of the Jim Crow laws which in essence forbid those who have limited English literacy skills from voting. Tancredo shamelessly insulted the President by calling him a ‘socialist’ and emphasized his middle name in a racist manner. In my opinion, it is a great feat to become the first president with African heritage – and one’s middle name is nothing to be ashamed about or ridicule. Tancredo, after all, isn’t the most sonorous name. Palin spoke after Tancredo, and after the joyous applause in response to the Tancredo tirade, proceeded to call Obama the teleprompter king while taking a look at three talking points scribbled on her hand which were so generalized that a four year old would have a hard time missing them.

The funny thing about Tancredo’s literacy test proposition is that there are hundreds of documented photos of signs showing the tea party protesters with the most blatant misspellings (see below).


In all seriousness, independents, libertarians, and republicans must find an alternate to Sarah Palin or even worse Tom Tancrapo.

*any misspellings on this document were created purposefully with humorous intent

Palin Accuses Obama of Hijacking Energy Supply

Recently Sarah Palin, who recently announced her voluntary resignation by the end of this month, has slammed Obama for hijacking the security of our energy supply in considering imposing cap-and-trade measures on businesses (in essence the limiting of carbon emissions) in a Washington Post article.

She argued that “domestic” solutions are the best way to deal with the energy crisis, such as building of a pipeline from Alaska. She also said that every state can consider nuclear energy, and that Obama’s plan would “outsource [our energy supply and its environmental impact] to China, Russia and Saudi Arabia”. Obama, on the other hand, feels that America should be at the forefront of the green revolution, and also mentioned other countries in his first address to Congress, “We know the country that harnesses the power of clean, renewable energy will lead the 21st century. And yet it is China that has launched the largest effort in history to make their economy energy efficient.”

Palin wrote that the carbon caps would put more burden on the poor in the form of higher energy bills. She ardently supported drilling in ANWR, below is a quote:

We can safely drill for U.S. oil offshore and in a tiny, 2,000-acre corner of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge if ever given the go-ahead by Washington bureaucrats.

Palin, while making some good points in regards to how cap-and-trade would negatively affect businesses, especially those polluting industries that use oil and oil based products, seems blind to the ultimate goal of preserving the environment by decreasing oil consumption and allowing animals that small section of land that was set aside for their protection. She also is in a bad position of lecturing the President after suddenly announcing that she will be resigning at the end of this month. Formerly the champion of the “bridge to nowhere” until that “bridge to nowhere” was going nowhere, Palin lacks the authority to change our current more environmentally friendly energy policy.

In the global scheme of things, I think it’s best that people take the hit in the short term while looking forward to the advantages that come with increases in technology in renewable energy. Nuclear power is good as well but comes with increased risk of meltdown or subverse activity and also there is a limited supply of uranium and plutonium, and nuclear waste is a major headache.

With oil prices so low, it is harder to make money making renewable energy solutions, but with government backing to a tune of $15 billion a year, the industry should survive and hopefully come up with something is ready by the time the next oil price spike comes along. As someone who is accustomed to mass-transit (bus, subway, train), while also accustomed to the gas-guzzling lifestyle of a suburbanite (driving a car back and forth from school round-trip duration around 1 hour) I must say that sacrifices must be made and our current rate of consumption is unsustainable given the increases in demand across the world and the limited production capacity and most importantly the limited supply of the very dirty substance known as oil.

Will David Letterman be Fired?

There has been talk recently about a petition to get David Letterman fired! Although I never watch the show, I’ve heard the name a lot and have also read that he hurled a sexually oriented insult at one of her daughters.

A website has been created called with the contact email addresses and phone numbers of the advertisers of “The Tonight Show.” They have prepared letters to send to the advertisers and CBS, I am posting one below:

Dear Late Show Advertisers:

As an advertiser on the David Letterman show, you endorse his point of view, I am appalled that your company supports the rape of young girls.

On June 8th 2009 Mr. Letterman “joked” that a female Governor of the United States is “slutty” and worse still, “joked” about her 14 year-old daughter and statutory rape by an adult baseball player. He continued his slander of this young girl during his June 9th show, likening her to a prostitute. I refuse to buy products from a company who supports such a vulgar, reprehensible attitude toward women and girls.

Shame on you.

Personally, I have no stance on this issue as I have not seen the joke live, but think it’s interesting how one joke could potentially cause the career of someone as famous as David Letterman to come to a close. If anyone has any extra information on this matter please comment.

Positive Change In My Blog

The last post of mine entailed a heated discussion amongst my friends about many things, and I am sincerely sorry for any hard feelings encountered. I was genuinely surprised at the snapping responses by some of my peers, and also impressed by the strong feelings felt by my friends. The subject: Sarah Palin.

I had read news reports about her power to influence people’s emotions in either a strongly positive sense, or a strongly negative sense, and those reports were confirmed when I opened my facebook account tonight and found out that there had been almost thirty reponses to my previous post/note about Sarah Palin.

For the sake of those very upset at this last post, I will try to the best of my ability to soften my tone and refocus my energy towards preferably Non-Sarah Palin topics. But as you can see in my tag cloud she obviously holds a great place in my blog, and can be thanked for many views and traffic I would otherwise not have gotten.

So, now it is up to you. I want ideas, suggestions, for what You want me to put in my blog. Give me issues, not opinions (I will form those myself). As for all those who worked hard digging up relevent information and doing some soul-searching, maybe even spell-checking for use in responce to my post/note, I salute you. Not only have you increased your online debate reputation but also you have learned something in the process.

McCain Camp Leaks More on Sarah Palin Overspending

Since McCain’s campaign has nothing to lose, they are deciding it wont hurt to let the public know more about Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin bought more clothes than was expected, and the Republican donor who agreed to pay for her clothes expected something more in the $20,000 to $25,000 range, instead Sarah Palin went on a shopping spree that included stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Newsweek reports that she actually spent more than $150,000. She asked low-level staffers to pay the extra with their own credit cards, and McCain and the GOP became aware after they sought reimbursement. The expenditures also included clothes for her husband Todd Palin. She was originally asked by the donor to just buy three suits for the Republican Convention and three for the campaign trail.

Another interesting fact that just came out was that Sarah Palin wanted to make her own concession speech, but was turned down by the McCain campaign. The campign staff is deciding whether or not to audit Palin’s home closets her clothes that amount to more than the average annual wage in the US. A call last week by a Quebec radio station pretending to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy was another embarrassment for the McCain camp. Palin aid Steve Biegun approved the call without discussing it with McCain’s people or the U.S. State Department.

These are just a few more reasons why we should be glad Obama won the election.

Sarah Palin Didn’t Know Africa was a Continent

Now that the election is over, people at Fox News are beginning to talk. According to Fox news Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron, Sarah Palin didn’t know which countries were in NAFTA and did not know that Africa was a continent, she thought it was a “country in itself”. Furthermore, Palin was very quarrelsome with McCain’s campaign staff and according to his staff there were times where they were brought to tears due to her excessive anger. Please watch the video below:

What Others Think of Sarah Palin

Below is a compilation of comments from articles about Sarah Palin. Enjoy the read!

Harry Selby in response to article claiming Sarah Palin will draw more women votes:

It is an insult to think that women will vote for Palin just because she is a woman (just like it is an insult to think that Black people will vote for Obama because he’s Black). While Obama represents the best interests of Blacks (and everyone else), Palin does not represent the best interests of women (or anyone else); she is anti-choice, anti-environment, anti-sex education (heh, heh), and thinks creationism should be taught in schools. Not to mention her lack of ethics . . .

Anonymous in response to Palin criticizes Obama at Florida rally

To like and support Palin, a self-serving DIVA, who can’t account for where she gets her information and then passes it off as a GOTCHA! question, can’t answer a 3rd grader who wants to know the job of Vice-President because she is too stupid to know because she is a “Breath of Fresh Air” and she understands me because she lives “In a Rural Area”, is IGNORANT!! The Republican Party has shoved this kind of simple-minded, GED, hillbilly attitude for the past 8 years down the throats of the citizens. Fear is what got Bush in the second time. In the meantime, we’ve had a president who got us in an expensive, illegal war, lied to the people and is as stupid as Palin. She is Bush in drag. Expensive drag that the RNC has paid for. Are there any Republicans outraged over that? JFK was called a Socialist before he was elected. He was a Democrat. God help us if this ignorant duo win the election and God deliver us from the stupid people who support this vapid, empty-headed woman if she becomes VP. She needs to go back to her old job of letting Todd run Alaska.

RJ in response to Palin pushes McCain staff aside as blame game begins

The only way Palin is getting in to the Oval Office is with a tour pass. You are about to see the biggest Democratic landslide since 1964.

Republicans got their wish in 2004 and re-elected Bush who has trashed this country in 8 years. As President Obama said “Bush dug us a hole & McCain carried the shovel”.

Thanks again for the Palin pick, it’s the gift that keeps on giving to the Democrats.

Obama/Biden 08

In America, anybody can be president. That’s one of the risks you take.

Adlai E. Stevenson
American Lawyer, Politician

Sarah Goes Solo

With just ten days before voting, Sarah Palin has broken off from the McCain camp and brought in her own agenda during this election. McCain aids have called her “rogue”, “a diva”, and other names in response to her not listening to them and openly disagreeing with McCain on a variety of issues.

RNC Spends $150,000 on Sarah Palin’s Clothes

Today I was surprised to find out that the Republican National C ommittee has spent at least $150,000 on designer clothes fo r John McCain’s running mate. Spending records filed with the Federal Election Commission and obtained by Politico show the RNC paid for “campaign accessories” from upscale department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, where nearly $50,000 was spent, Neiman Marcus, $75,000, and $4,700 for hair and makeup.The McCain campain responded to the findings by saying: “With all the important issues facing the country right now, it’s remarkable that w e’re spending time talking about pantsuits and blouses.” My reponse to the McCain campaign is this… “If  you are going to identify with our country which is now facing a recession, then you sure aren’t going to entertain anyone by lavishly spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on clothes for a VP candidate that probably won’t win.